Wednesday, 28 December 2011

the End or the Begining?

I've just found this on a old blog.. totalling two posts. dated 15th august 2010



So this is the end

tomorrow is my last shift as a student nurse, that's it, the end of my 3rd year and then i'm qualified, which is very very scary, I'm really going to miss the place, been in the same hospital for 3 years and know a lot of the staff and a lot of the patients now and i'm really settled in, just wish there were jobs going on my elective ward as that would be ideal.

i've spent most of today crying as i begin to pack everything up, which is horrible, packing your life away for a uncertain future, and this is where everything changes, i've applied for a few jobs which i'm just waiting on nervously to see if i get interviews etc, fingers crossed i will as one of them is my dream job but who knows hey?! so everyone cross there fingers for me.. not that anyone is reading this but oh-well

so a little about me, i decided to do this blog ages ago and never got around to it as there is little understanding about what the person with Aspergers syndrome actually feels and go through, so i have Aspergers syndrome, was diagnosed when i was 14/15 in the middle of gcse's. make sense really as i can see myself a lot in the condition, and i've found myself watching tv shows about it and its like looking myself in the mirror sometimes, i have what many call high functioning AS which means i'm at the higher end of the spectrum so i have less of the symptoms so to speak. but like the saying goes, not two people with AS are alike, so if u know one you wont necessary know the other. but I'm pretty much 'normal' with the odd quirk and a slight fan obsessions with the lovely John Barrowman.. as someone once described me!

anyway i best be going... night x
28/12/11 And now here i am, 16months later, the perfect job in the same hospital as a student, well after a roller coaster of a ride in interviews but that's another story for another day and it turned out 28 people read that post!
 so the idea of this blog i think is going to become a bit of a reflection type thing and how AS may have effected / does effect the every day things. 

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