Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Hair & new year? New me?

It’s been about 18months since I last had a hair-cut, it used to be spiky short and been growing it out for ages. Well now it was down way past the shoulders and time for a cut.  Other than being 6 – 7 inch’s shorter now it isn’t much different, well its turned bright red overnight as well!  So new hair, does this signal a start for a new me? Well no. apart from a vow not to eat as much chocolate and do a tad more exercise. I think the new me is out the window, after-all if you can’t be happy with yourself what can you be happy with?

So its soon to be 2012, time to make new year revelation’s and celebrate. Well tonight I’m working but hopefully I’ll be able to watch the fireworks out the window at midnight. Normally I’m not too keen on fireworks. Mainly because of the loud sudden bangs and noises but think they look beautiful from a distance, and would quite happily go back to Disney to watch them over and over… just with ear plugs.

Revelations for this year?  I’m sure I’ll think of one by midnight, but I’m not too sure it’s time for change.   But just wishing that 2012 will bring more happiness and a little less sadness than 2011!

Happy new year everyone!

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