Tuesday, 27 December 2011


UFO. Or un-finished object is a common place among the craft community. Today I found one which I stated for my brother when he was 3ish… 15 years ago. I was also around 7ish at the time and it was for his birthday present.  A multi-coloured hand-made teddy bear. Turns out he’s lived quite happily eye less and with one ear hanging off all this time at my grandparents waiting for someone to come along and give him the gift of sight! So today I turned into a ophthalmologist and did just that and re-homed him.

Anyway this UFO made me reflect back on all the crafts that I have completed over the years and the sense of achievement and pride when you finish them. I have several items throughout my house and that I’ve given relatives and friends who act of reminders of moment’s gone by every time they are seen or used!

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