Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Ask a nurse a question

Do you have any burning questions you would love to ask, or any details or advice you wish to know? I’ve decided to set up a little question and answer session for you to ask questions of any kind and I’ll try to answer them! Why ask me? I’m a qualified paediatric nurse but also have Asperger’s syndrome and dyspraxia and I’m hoping by sharing my experiences I can help others on their journeys with AS especially in relation to attending hospitals and making the transition between childhood care and into adult services.   You can ask anything you want however please remember that my answers will be my own and reflect my own thoughts. all please let me know any thoughts or comments you have on subject matter you would like to see on this page.

How to get in touch? You can leave a comment on this post. You can tweet me at @nurseteatoast or you can email me at:-

i plan on posting in a week or two the results of this on a separate post so remember to check back or to 'follow' this page using the link on the left. 

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