Monday, 16 January 2012

Back to Uni

This week I begin back at university on a new course.  It’s one I have chosen to undertake as I feel its aid in my practise and progress in my career.  So I applied and here I am about to begin.  I have everything ready, all the forms sorted out and even been and bought new pens

I had planned this course and its timing very carefully, I know I don’t like new environments to learn in therefore I’m returning to the same university I did my original nurse training in and I applied at the same time as a group of friends so I wouldn’t be doing it ‘on my own’. Well that was the plan.

However it worked out that I was the only one to get onto the course due to the university changing the applying method at the last minute meaning we all had to re-apply and the others not getting their second application in before the course was fully.   The course is also done in my own time, so will still be doing a full week work and then this course on top so just hoping it goes smoothly.  

Social situations like this with ‘strangers’ are always hard for me. I’m very quiet person and find it hard to make small talk sometimes but when I’m with people I know or have met before I’m much better at it. Also I find the classroom environment stressful. Mainly because I was badly bullied at school that going back to those sorts of situations reminds me of those times. Because of this I hate being put on the spot in classrooms, especially when I don’t know the answer and find it difficult to read the power-point, listen to what is being said and take notes at the same time.  

In work however I seem to find these situations slightly different. I feel comfortable saying, I don’t know but will find out and get back to you or something similar, because I’m very much in the knowledge that this is an acceptable answer and also no one will shout at me for providing this answer, however in a class room I was regularly shouted out for saying I didn’t know or pushed further for an answer with me still saying I don’t know.

Anyway so here I am about to start at university again, just hoping everything goes ok and maybe I’ll reward myself with a shopping trip after it.

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  1. Well the first day was today. Things went well enough and not as bad as I expected. Now qualify for student discount for 12mounths which is a good excuse to go shopping. There’s been a computer glitch which means I can’t access the course online which is annoying me as would like to begin the reading tonight and the whole course is actually based online so can’t do any work for it at all till I get access. We have however been asked to write a short paragraph to introduce ourselves to everyone. No idea what I’m going to put… might just put I like tea and toast!