Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Jet laged and not even left the ground!

This week I have been working night shifts which also seems to cause desynchronosis for me. The best way to explain how it feels is like jet lag, having come back from somewhere with a massive time difference such as Australia and trying to stay awake. Easily done gong from day to night mode buts it’s the change over from night to day mode that causes problems.  Personally I reckon it’s easier to stay awake at the beginning of the nights but harder at the end as you’re tired from a night on the tiles… hospital floor tiles.

In themselves though I quite like night Shifts, they are calmer than the day shift, less people around and a lot easier to set up a mini routine. All the main changes to medical care are made during the day and all the speciality teams have reviewed so overnight its mainly sticking to the plan made during the day unless it’s something urgent or essential that needs changing.   You can write you plan at the beginning and your pretty much set.  And after a year doing the day / night rotation I’m beginning to get better when it’s time to go back onto day shifts. I try to keep my eating pattern the same, so I eat tea at tea time and breakfast at breakfast time and I’ve learn to get up around midday after my last night so I can then slept that night rather than trying to sleep through or stay awake completely.   
Night shift I find also are better in AS terms, I’m generally a night owl and seem to think better at weird times of night. I also seem to prefer the slightly darker environment as I hate very bright lights as especially bright flickering lights and our main lights currently flicker like crazy.  There’s also a lot less noise.  Yes there’s still all the constant alarms etc. but in general people are less noisy, there no shouting down the ward, the general constant chatter and the playing of music.  It’s also easier to research things and learn new things.  Although I do admit walking down the empty corridors at night can be rather eerie!

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