Friday, 27 January 2012

Night Owls

I would describe myself as a bit of a night owl!

As today I’m sat up researching articles for my assignment.  It’s not due in for another 9 days [out of 14days in total] but I haven’t really been in the mood to write it.  I’ve mentioned in a previous post  about night shifts why I like night time in the ward however I’m currently at home, here I like nights as its generally quieter, for example no cars on the road no kids playing in the street. One of the only times of the day you can actually hear something very rare… silence.  I can also control light and external stimuli as there isn’t any ‘natural light from outside. Well there is a wonky lamppost but black out blinds work wonders. 

Blog post about starting this course can be found here:- Back to UNI
Anyway I feel as though I do some of my best academic work at night because of this, because of the lack of distractions, because I’m not thinking of all the other things I have to do before it gets dark, like house work or shopping and because I can have time to myself knowing I won’t be interrupted by anyone. 

So I thought I would talk about top ten tips for completing work / assignments.

1, Be prepared:- make sure you have everything you need before you start [ A pen does really come in useful]

2, No Distractions:- make sure you’ve eaten and been to loo etc. and got all your chores done first so you’ve got no excuses not to do the work

3, Timing:- Plan to do your work at set times so you’re not trying to rush doing it at the last minute and make sure you leave enough time to achieve what you want to, starting 10 min’s before your fave TV show is never going to work.

4, Environment:- Find what suits you the most. I like listening to a cd as I’m working on the computer as the noise of typing gets on my nerves, however if I’m reading or hand writing I prefer silence.  Seek out an environment that best suits you and which won’t cause sensory overload.

5, Order:-  make sure you do your work in a sensible order, e.g. research then start then middle then end.  

6, reference:- keep a note of and reference as you go along, DO NOT try and do it all at the end.

7, Subject:- stick to the subject and answer the question, 3 pages about john barrowman in a middle of a nursing essay will not get the grades

8, target:- set yourself a target and try to stick to it, e.g. plan to write the introduction by the end of the night.

9, reward:- try and stay positive and reward yourself for your achievements when you meet the target. I used to watch 1 episode of doctor who for every paragraph I wrote.

10, stick to deadlines, plan in advance to get it done on time! Saves last minute rush to get it completed.

10a, TRY YOU BEST:- as long as you try your best you have nothing to worry about.

These tips are what I try and stick to when writing an essay. Although I now find myself writing this blog post instead.  Oh dear.  If you have any tips of things you find help in your studying I would love to hear from you!

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