Wednesday, 11 January 2012


This weekend was the last Panto of the season for John Barrowman in Robinson Crusoe and the Caribbean Pirates. Naturally being a massive fan I went as I do every year to see him, but this year it was the first time on the closing night. All around a very good show which seemed to be enjoyed by all… bar the 3 people next to me who left at the intermission complaining it was too adult based. The only thing I did in the intermission was debate whether I could afford an ice-cream, unfortunately the conclusion was no.

Travelling with a person with Asperger’s syndrome can be channelling. Over the years I’ve found things to help with this. I have to sit at the window either in a plane or train and have to be facing the direct of travel.  I also have to have lots of pillows so request extra from the hotel and take my own… somehow I managed to end up with 6 on the last trip…  I also have things very organised, having an un-rational fear of things going wrong I have the journey planned in great detail and need to know the how what where etc. before even setting off. I check and recheck things all the time, especially tickets etc. and get very panicky and frustrated when things are delayed even by the tiniest of time.  It’s more a fear of not being able to solve the problem if things go wrong. I.e. if you miss the connecting train you won’t be able to catch another with those tickets and you’ll be stranded or a fear of confrontation when things go wrong.  I also have an on-going issue with phone calls to people I don’t know which adds to this problem tenfold.  If I’ve done the journey before, then things seem to be easier. I.e. if I know the stop to get off at by site and I can recognise familiar places / sights.  But one of the worst feelings in the world is being lost.

This year was the second year in Glasgow so overall I had a good time, saw some sights and got a few new decorations for the house and met some lovely people along the way.

However I have one regret from this trip THE STAGE DOOR. Now I say from this trip but it’s really from all the trips I do to see JB.  
I’ve never meet JB, well not properly [one knocked into him in a night club, for which I apologise for my language] and I’ve always wanted to. However he has very publicly said on several occasions that he doesn’t do the stage door due to cold whether etc. and the risk of getting ill from it. This is fair enough so I’ve never been to the stage door. However Saturday night there was a semi large crowd gathered and I thought perhaps hell stop tonight, it being the last night and all.   Part of my Asperger’s I have found is that I follow rules and find it very hard to ‘Break rules’. Rules are not made to be broken so don’t break them! but also I think I’m frightened of the situation it may present as to me it’s a unknown social environment. I’ve never been in that situation before so I wouldn’t know how to react, what the protocol is, what to say, what to do and how the whole Stage door situation works. Also, how do you truly know what someone is like before you’ve actually met them? by all accounts I’m sure JB is lovely. But what if I get him on an off day and he’s rude or mean.  There’s a saying in the world which I can’t quite remember but the jest of it being, “you shouldn’t meet your idols you might end up disappointed”.  Perhaps one day I will meet him but perhaps it’ll never happen, only time will tell...

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