Tuesday, 14 February 2012

c = Crafts and asperger

C = Crafts.

I find doing crafts very relaxing, especially cross stitch and knitting, although I’m not very good at the latter.  But I love cross stitch and constantly have a project on the go.

So why cross stitch? Well I find immense pride in the finished product, however big or small I always feel a sense of achievement and then get that sense every time I see it frames or made up, especially when it’s been a gift and the other person has kept and cherished it.  Cross stitch is something I can sit and concentrate on for ages, but can also do it absent minded, however I do get very annoyed when I make a mistake and have to unpick it but that’s because I hate making mistakes in general which I’ll explore in a different post sometime.  But often I do actually leave these mistakes as long as it doesn’t affect the overall piece; those little odd stitches make the piece unique, just like me. 

So why cross stitch? Well the actual process of stitching is very repetitive, and in being so is very therapeutic, it’s like skimming, a repetitive active which leads to relaxation and comfort.   Also watching the thread move smoothly over the aida and out and in can be mesmerising,  

Commonly people with Asperger syndrome have been very creative, producing great pieces of art in acute detail.  There is a great artist call Stephen Wiltshire[ http://www.stephenwiltshire.co.uk/]  who produces detailed landscapes from memory. A great skill with amazing results. 

Art therapy and crafts have also shown to be effective for Autism, perhaps this is because it is another way of expressing yourself and also a way of communication.  Also as above it gives one something to focus on, to enjoy and to show at the end of it.  You don’t have to sit down and complete it all at one go, you can stop and start and do it at your own pace, also art and the end piece, can be anything, you can take it anywhere, where ever you imagination takes you, no longer confined in the neuro-typical world.

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