Wednesday, 22 February 2012

F = first date asperger

Today I had my first date. My very first date. Not just first date with this person, first date ever, in life, completely and utterly the first.

Which is a mean feet for a 22 year old. So why was it my first? Well I’ve never really met anyone before, as posted on valentine’s day in a post entitled LOVE, I have had a hard time in picking up on social clues when someone is flirting and more importantly I have no idea to flirt back!  I’m also vary wary around ‘strangers’ which make me put up walls and prevent some of the relevant social skills coming through. I’m also very scared of rejection for numerous of reasons and find people taking the mickey out of me very distress / upsetting.   And most of all I’m not very trusting of people I don’t know! [The whole stranger danger thing that you teach to kids still rings around in my head].

So why have a suddenly found a date? Internet dating.  A friend was encouraging me to give it a go as she thought I was finding hard due to shifts etc, so though might as well. And here I am, told someone where I was going ect and time I was due back and left the all the details I had of the person, just in case [have heard to many horror stories] and off I went!

I cannot honestly tell if it went well or not, he seemed nice enough!  Not sure that he’s actually the one [so to speak] and talked about work way to much.   

One small step for an aspie made today!

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