Monday, 5 March 2012


For those of you who follow me on twitter [waves] you will be aware that I have just had a week in Disney Paris.  Had a lovely time, although I would question whether I would be as will to go again, I went with my mum and my aunt, mum diagnosed Asperger’s, and aunt isn’t but I reckon if she was assessed she would be, and 3 autistics together didn’t exactly make a good mix, me and my mum have been several times before and really enjoyed it, but there’s that saying, 2’s company and 3’s a crowd. My aunt spent the whole time complaining. Anything she could complain about she did from queue times to food to prices to not actually seeing Paris [ we went to Disney as its where she wanted to go and didn’t want to see anything else before we got there].. all in all it ruined in trip.

But at the same time it made me very aware of myself! Am I like her? Do I have the same personality, Am I that selfish that I drain the enjoyment out of other peoples holidays.  Worst still will my life turn out like hers, single living on her own, constantly bitching, constantly argumentative,  and the constant desire to wreck any happiness in anyone else’s life which is a topic for another day….

But taking out the people I went with, I’ve left Disney on quite a depressed note, they accused me of shoplifting.  I got home the other day and today I was unpacking and found that one of the ink security tags has been left on one of the main toys I bought while out there but this one happened to be my fave character,  so imagine how gutted I was to find the tag on… bright blue ink inside attached to a white part of the teddy. So I emailed them explaining the situation, and how I couldn’t get back to return it as its quite a far way to travel from England..  But also I no longer had the receipt  as the housekeep ertook it as rubbish one day when cleaning the room [granted it was randomly on the floor] so what’s the reply from Disney.. no prove you actually paid for it therefore we cannot help.   Great.  Well I did pay for it, actually it was one of the first things I bought and was carried around all day shop to shop and didn’t once set of any of the security alarms… I can even tell you the shop and what the person behind me in the queue was wearing [well it was my mum] but now because of this I’m quite upset, I like having things in perfect order, not broken, not marked and everything ‘like new’ and like its just been bought from the shop. However I now have my lovely micky without a finger… now without a ink tag…. Awaiting to be sewn back together again..  bit like a little piece of him missing, and he will permanently have a little scar to remind me of this..  feels a bit like my life really.

 poor mickey :-(

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