Wednesday, 14 March 2012

H = Herman freindship Asperger


Herman is a friendship cake in which you are given a start mix from a “Friend” and then have to look after him for 10 days by feeding and stirring him and ensuring that he doesn’t die [i.e. stop bubbling]. A few weeks/ months ago there was an article in a newspaper explaining how this fad had taken off and was the in thing to do... well I was at the time quite interested in giving it a go, so all I had to do was wait to be given a starter mix and off on the Herman friendship I would go, after-all I would honestly provide a good home for him! 

And that is where the problem arises, I have no one to give me a Herman, no one close enough outside of work anyway..  And no one close inside of work come to think of it. So I ended up finding the recipe for the starter batch and took it from there, so far made one cake from the current batch just to try it but no quite up to the 10days stirring, feeding talking cycle yet.

Pictures of this can be found over on the supporting Facebook fan page if anyone is interested, will be updating pictures over there and using it to post links, and interesting stories to support the blog.

So this cake, however delious it may be got me thinking about friendship or lack of in my case. Don’t get me wrong I have friends, but mine are currently limited to a grand sum of 3, yep you read it right I have 3 friends. By which I class as close friends who I go out with and regularly talk to, however even then I wouldn’t class them as that close, for example its my birthday in April and none of them can make it for a meal or anything… sometimes I also get the impression that they are just humouring me, and not my friend but just pretending to be. 

So anyway my point is that sometimes it can take the small little things in live to remind you of your differences.  Recently I posted on twitter, I don’t need fixing because I am not broken. Which perhaps is a little play on words, and sometimes I do feel very much broken, after all I don’t get why I cant make friends, or keep friends for that matter and I’m very envious of others in this respect. But for now! Lovely little bubbling Herman will have to do.

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