Saturday, 10 March 2012

P = aspergers and pets

P = Pets /Phish food.

I recently bought 4 little baby gold fish and it got me thinking, how much do we really know about them, for example to a human surely eating flakes every day would be extreme boring and bad for our health, so why isn’t it the same for animals.  And how do you really know what they are thinking or feeling, after all you can’t just ask them.

Since I have had these fish, I have noted an analogy between the human / animal relationships to the person with Asperger’s  / neuro-typical person relationship. In the way that it is difficult to communicate between the two groups and express  emotions. On animals humans often imply emotions on to how they are feeling, but how do you really know if you dog/cat/hamster/fish/cow is really happy or sad, Yes they give you clues such as nudging there food bowl when hungry but there is no set way of knowing for certain there true emotions and feelings especially the more complex emotions such as disappointment.  And it’s a bit like this for a person with Asperger’s syndrome, understandment of the simple emotions but lack of ability to show or recognise complex emotions.

This is why, my 4 goldfish, don’t just get flakes every day, their diet is varied slightly with pellets and frozen food such as blood worms and shrimps and occasionally the odd fresh veg [they love peas]

Since I wrote the above I have gained a bigger tank and two more goldfish [who are actually white and black] and two butterfly plecs called salt and pepper, I did name the old 4 fish but as no one else can tell the difference from each other the names have been lost along the way.  Although my mum reckons that the small shy one should be called ‘the doctor’ and the big one should be called john…. 

if your intrrested in my doctor who themed tank, or any of my personal pictures thay can be found over on my Facebook page, CLICK HERE

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