Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Email : Response

Recently I received a Nasty email in regard to the various posts I have made about John barrowman.  Now I will not repost it but it was basically accusing me of several things and saying how bad of fan I am etc. with a few bashes against people with disabilities and Asperger’s syndrome in-between.  

In a blog post entitled As and obsessions [http://nurseteaspoons.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/as-and-obsessions.html] I have mentioned my ‘obsession’ with john barrowman [JB], I have also mentioned him other posts such as sparkles, G=Gag’s.  And I’m sure over time he may be mentioned more. But after receiving this email I feel compelled to clear a few things up.   

Having Asperger’s syndrome, does not, and a repeat does NOT make you a risk to any one in any way shape or form.  My liking for JB is nothing more than any other fan that follows his work and in fact as outlined in AS and obsessions I know of people who go to every concert, every signing and everything he has done. I don’t, I don’t follow him around the country and I have no desire to. I see him one time per production only and that is only when I can make it [for example missed one of his tours as was on holiday]. I never rearrange my life for him and I have no desire to do so.  The post called sparkles, explains my difficulties in going to stage doors etc. so in fact I properly will never meet him, and you know what? That is perfectly fine.  And from this I could argue that I am not ‘obsessed’ with him, I am just a basic fan, but because of a condition I have, it gets labelled as something it’s not.  

Unless you Have Asperger’s syndrome or Autism, you do not know what it is like to have it, you can make educated guesses sometimes but you will never truly know, and just because I have Asperger’s do not mean that I know what someone else life is like with the same condition. Therefore don’t judge someone on something you know little about, and more importantly please don’t pick on a person for having this condition! So what I have AS, you may have Brown Eyes but I don’t pick on you for that, in my eyes the two things are equally the same,   and this is why I write this blog.  To offer some sort of insight into how I find the condition and how it affect me. I cannot speak for anyone else but myself and would like to raise awareness and more understanding of the condition.  Nothing more than this.

So anyway, I sorry for the slight rant, but thought I needed to reply publically to this email! Thanks to all those who have supported me since beginning the blog and hopefully it shall continue!

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