Thursday, 19 April 2012

S = Sweet in asperger

S = Sweets. Food and Asperger’s syndrome.  

I’ve always loved jelly babies.  Always had them from tuck-shops and the sweet of choice [well after flying saucers], so there was going to buy some sweets and came across these.. ‘jellyatrics’

So I bought them and tried them.. very disappointed because there is only one red in the packet, however otherwise the usual jelly baby goodness.  I remember at pre-school we used to make, sleeping babies… which in short is a biscuit [ rectangle shaped] then u put half a marshmallow on for its pillow, then the jelly baby, then a square of fondant for the sheet and then decorate the sheet with icing sugar… and the result is a sleeping baby.

This kind of brings be onto the subject of food in Asperger syndrome.  I go through stages of each certain food, for example I used to have southern fried chicken and chips for every meal.  Every day. Without fail.. Sometimes, but rarely I would have veg with it, and sometimes swap the SFC to crispy chicken. But none the less I would have this for every meal and this went on for months, and still happened till this day, although not quite as extreme. I can get ‘’into’ eating something and have that constantly then suddenly not like it a few weeks later…  I Put my hands up and admit I’m a very fussy eater.  If I don’t like something I can’t eat it, if it has mould I can eat it, is it smells or looks funny I can’t eat it. If I looks like sick I can’t eat it and most importantly…. I can’t do lumps!

A lot of this is down to texture and slight issues of things being in my mount, but lumps in otherwise smooth stuff really makes me feel sick,   I can eat solid food and liquids, but anything in-between is generally a  no no..

As a child, my parents tried all the usual ‘techniques’ for trying to get a child to eat, including eat this or don’t eat, cant leave the table till you’ve finished, no pudding, sent to room if not eating.  And none of them work. Logically, I only eat what I wanted to. Which probably drove my parents mad! I could never be forced and often if someone said eat this or you won’t eat, I would go fine I won’t eat then!

So anyway, my point is, sensory wise I can only eat certain types of foods, and can be put off eating very easily,  I’ve learnt to eat when I want to and what I want to, because if I don’t I would simply not eat, I cannot be forced to eat and would be sick if I eat when I don’t want to. ..

On a side note, recently I was reading about the theory that  everything in life is connected by a thread ‘the read thread theory’ and that everything, or everyone is in someway connected to one another.. now not sure how much of it I believe and how much of it is actually just down to coincided but I googled Jelly baby’s to try and find a good pic and this came up <<< doctor who and jelly babies are connected! Never realised till now!

So What are your experiences with AS and eating, Stick to the same stuff or have a variety diet???

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  1. I go through phases of eating the same thing...or I should say I am in a life long phase but the foods I am fixated on change from time to time. People often say "oh aren't you goooood!" when they see me eating salad for lunch - my response is "I ALWAYS eat salad for lunch"...they think I am exaggerating!

    1. thankyou for your comment, i agree with the live long thing, i constanly eat chicken and chips.. always have done.. i went through a phrase of eating carrot sticks... and only carrot sticks! people though i was joking when i said thats all i could eat.. its a wonder i didnt go orange!

  2. i,am glad i found this website. my grandson 16 has Aspergers his issues with eating are very similar to what i been reading . i can believe now what he says when he cant eat everything we eat and why.

    1. thankyou for your comment! hope its been of some help.

  3. Much like you, I tend to eat the same foods over and over. I'm in a real salad phase now, and before that it was tacos. I like the familiarity of things, whether it be foods, films, music, etc. I also wear the same clothes & shoes (I have multiples of everything). I also tend to do everyday activities the same way each time. There is comfort in familiarity.


  4. thankyou for the comment, unfortunatly my phrase so to speak is something it turns out im allergic to... not very ideal at all.. had a chicken and chips phrase for years now and eay it at least 4 times a week but could easily eat it for every meal. sometimes i think i do this because it removes having to think about the meal to much and having to worry about what i have / if i'll like it or not etc and i also know its food i will eat so wont end up going hungry... but i agree totally with the comfort in familiarity, recently written a blog post exploring this
    thanks again ictus for your comment! jsx