Monday, 14 May 2012


Like a Boat but a Bike

If the neurotypical (NT) mind is a boat, my mind is a bike. NTs don't get that. They just think I run a mighty strange boat.

They assume I'm in the water and have an engine and a rudder and occasionally jump over the side for a nice swim. They assess and judge me in terms of boats and, when I'm not boat-like, they assume there's something wrong with my boat.

But I'm a bike. I'm not compatible with boat rules. I steer with handlebars, use pedal power, and I don't jump over the side because it's a hard road I'll land on. If they could be made to understand that I'm a bike, they would then see that all of my behaviour is logical - for a bike rider.
Then I could teach them about bikes, and they could teach me about boats.

Source: national autism sociey from
a posting on
in 2008

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