Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lyrics explained

I am an i-pod addict, listen to it almost constantly and most of the songs I regularly listen to mean something special to me or which I can identify to.  Therefore I am currently complying a series of posts relating song lyrics with areas in my life, my experiences and my Asperger’s because as they say music runs the world!

I’ve set / am setting blogger to post several blogs whilst I’m away on my lovely holidays with a few of these lyric posts, when I’m back I’m make it into the page.

 As always I’d love to hear from you guys, do you have any particular song you can relate to? Some lyrics that gets you though the bad times, or any that make you happy or even just smile!  Ways to get in touch can be found on the contact tab above! As I won’t be around for a while I wont be able to let you know when this updates via the usual ways therefore if you’ll like to stay updated please follow or subscribe to any of the feeds.

Thankyou and hopefully be back soon.

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