Sunday, 24 June 2012


Properly like the rest of the whole world,my work place is buzzing with talk about the book series of 50 shades of grey.therefore I have taken the bold step and also began to read them,  just finished book 3, [6 days to read in total]not bad to say I don’treally read much.

So why did I decide to read these books. Well for once I wanted to feel part ofthe crowd and feel part of things, in a way this actually has as well, it givesme an acceptable topic to talk about and able to hold a full conversation withpeople without having to worry too much about boring them. Although unfourtantlyI go bright red when certain aspects of the book are discussed... the rudebits... but when I’ve read them I’ve semi skimmed over these bits, otherwise Iwould properly have to Google some of it.

 *** Spoiler alert *** don’t read if you don’twish to know what happens#!!

Anyway review of the books?

Book one seemed to drag a bit, but enjoyable and interesting, this first bookmade me question whether Mr grey, the main character had a little bit of Asperger’sin him as some of his personality elements fits.. Although I’m not suggestingall Aspies are like Mr Grey, far from it in fact. but over all a good book but couldhave done with more insight into Mr grey’s past in this book rather than lateron, some people in work said they were surprised by the ending, however I wasn’t,seemed to me that’s where it was heading all along...

book two, gives you more insight into the world of Mr grey and with his family,the pieces start to fit and you begin to understand why he’s like he is. I alsothink I can relate to this more having looked after a patient who had beenlocked in a house with a dead parent when they were young, anyway therefore Ican reflect to Mr grey’s situation. However this book is much more interestingthan the first, things seem to progress a lot more and the story line has developedgreat twists and turns, however I think the ended, of the helicopter crashseems a bit rushed in its writing and not very realistic. [I watch way to muchair crash investigations] also the stalker thing seems a little... erm... Offto me, but then again artistic licence and all that

book 3, I found the story line moreinteresting however not very surprising as your reading it, it is a bit likeyou can guess what happens and I knew the bad guys in the story lines longbefore they were revealed, after all were only really introduced to one personthat Mr grey cross’s so who else could it be. And in the end it’s the typicalhappy ever after, no one dies and everything is ok... and things as very muchvanilla!

so what did everyone else think of the books?

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