Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Whats in a name

Asburgers is a common misspelling of Asperger’s, however although its spelt like I can be sound, I can also in different context be very offensive.  Now I put my hands straight up in the air and admit that I am useless at spelling, I also have several spelling habits which I can’t seem to get over, such as putting a e on the end of with… to be withe… always done it, no idea why, although I do remember once putting an e on the end of every letter and being asked why I answered because I like elephants and they begin with e, and well, why not…

If you have googled  [or other search engine] for Asburgers not knowing any differently on the way Aspergers is spelt, that’s fine, its actually great even, that you have taken an interest in the condition and would like to find out more. And I applaud you for this, and hopefully your find the answers you need and even the support that out there all over the world. If it’s the support you’re looking for, here a hug and a smile from me, two things that will never go amiss on the journey that may be ahead for you.

But other asburgers. As a kid this was made a joke of quite a lot, to my face and behind my back, in the typical childish way kids will use anything, and they seemed to pick on connotations that can be associated with ASS or ARSE and Burger together, and I won’t repeat them here but use you imagination and I’m sure you’ll come up with a few. And this is why I find it offensive, because how it is used, and I’m afraid to say, its still very much used in this way today.

But that aside, when I see Asperger’s spelt as Asburgers in a medical context, such as in medical notes, or used by the media etc then it gives me a sense of disgust, especially the former, Asperger’s changes somebody’s life and is a life alternating diagnosis, therefore I think it should be given the respect to be at least spelt properly. But also it can result in a lack of trust, I mean would you trust someone to treat and help you with a condition  that they obviously don’t know enough about to spell properly, and also spelling in the health care setting can be vital, there being numerous of drugs etc. that have only one letter different but are used for different things. [the cef’s spring to mind in antibiotics care] and therefore such carelessness can lead to great impact on patient health care.  

And the use by the media shows a wider ignorance of the condition, a quick Google of the word ASBURGER automatically changes your spelling to Asperger’s, therefore perhaps that’s a major clue you’ve spelt it wrong. But also I sometimes fear that its intentionally been spelt wrong as outlined above, to make fun of the condition and to cause harm.  The media and general can cast a very negative light on the condition and can, in some areas, focus on the negative aspects and misconceptions about the condition, but that’ll have to wait for a different post. Spelling Asperger’s wrong though is very bad journalism.

Well this has just turned into a tad more of a rant than I intended, my point I was trying to make is a lot can depend on a name, a name in its self can have a thousand connotations and those in certain professions need to get it right.  And everyone else should just get it as right as possible, just out of respect for those with the condition if nothing else. 
But the as the question says at the beginning, whats in a name? well an awful lot actually, I would love to hear your thoughts and views on this subject matter! And please check out the rest of the blog!


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