Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Key to your life [part 1].  [lyrics by boyzone]

The concept of the future, and making future plans etc. has always fascinated me. I recently started to watch a TV show called touch on sky, however as I don’t have sky this proved difficult so I’ve only seen the first two episodes, will have to buy it on DVD. anyway this was based around the theory that everything in life is connected with a red thread, leading from one thing to another, from one person to another, forming a web around everyone and everything making them all in some way connected. This theory has fascinated me.

But the further is a concept that I find sometimes hard to grasp. I full get the whole cause and effect theory, i.e. you go out when it’s raining you will get wet, if you boil a kettle the water gets hot etc... But it’s the thought of something happening, which hasn’t happened yet, and might not actually happen or turn out the way you want it, or be completely different. In a way it’s hard to describe, but when you live in a world of set facts and everything being in order, the future, or what may happen in the future be able to be a scary process.

The key can be very symbolic. It’s there to unlock doors to shut them tightly again, allowing us to follow new hopes and dreams or stay safe and secure. A key can be what you need in order to achieve what you want. logically if you do x y and z, ab and c will happen, unfortunate the world doesn’t always happened that way, so you have to open each door and climb the mountain to the next, you have to do x y and z in the hope of getting one of the abc, as my mum always said, always have a plan b, and to be safe have a plan c.

but life can take many different paths, but you always hold the key to which way you’ll end up going and you end up with the choice of being brave and turning it in the lock to head on through, to face your fears head on, or to shut the door tight, in the knowledge that your safe and secure behind its in protection, and nothing will get through. But it’s ultimately your key. To your life. And hopefully it’ll pan out in the end to the further that you always wanted. Whether you know it yet or not.

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