Tuesday, 11 September 2012

One voice

I found this poem about a year after the 9/11 attacks have it printed out and read it often! Not just in regards to the horrid attacks on that day but also in all the tragedies that have happened since! 
But anyway on days like today it's time to reflect and think so I'll let you read on below, the poems called one voice

I've tried to find the words today
to tell what's in my heart,
a way to vent ... a way to share
but how is one to start?

How do we write the horror
of the thousands who were lost?
How do we pen the terror felt
as lives became the cost?

How do we say "Good will prevail -
we shall not be defeated."
How do we shout with confidence
"Such acts won't be repeated!"

How do we quell the anger
reaching far beyond the brink?
How do we spill the endless tears
that flow in crimson ink?

How do we rise up full of pride
in silent rage no longer?
Together, my friends ... we must be heard
one voice ... united ... stronger!

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