Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The circle of life!

So today I got the first crop of my tomatoes, not quite red but defiantly ripe, very juicy and very tasty, was going to make soup but ended updating them all in one go!

If you look closely one of the tomatoes is not quite like the others! It has a little bit extra, it's a little bit different from the others, an somehow that can make it a little bit special. Now this little tomato was not treated differently in its creation, in fact it was on the same plant as all the others, it got the same amount of water, same amount of sun and same amount of everything else, it was nurtured the same, but by nature it turned out different!

and in a way, this is how i explain the existant of AS, everything was done the same, and by nature, not nurture things have turned out slightly differnt.
Currently there is no known cause for Autism and Asperger’s syndrome. There are many theories, but no definite cause.   This, not knowing really bugs me; surely there must be a reason why? After all isn’t there meant to be a reason for everything, but why this? Why me?  But then again. Why does there have to be a reason, over the last few years since I’ve been qualified, I’ve learnt to just accept that sometimes things happen just because they can, it’s no one’s fault and no one could have done anything to change it. Therefore I’ve come to the point in life where I’ve just accepted it.

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