Wednesday, 24 October 2012

food part 2

I’ve previously written a blog post about foods but thought I would update a little.

Like most people with as I can go through food fads, only eating certain things and therefore have a very limited diet. Mine is not as bad as some others I know. I eat a variety of fruit and veg as well as a variety of meals, with me, it’s more eating the same thing over and over this can be a complete meal. Or just one food item. Currently its radishes.  Which have gone expensive since I last eat them routinely? I think this is partly because I’m familiar with the food, I know I’m going to like it, therefore its worth buying and cooking as it won’t go to waste.  I absolutely hate the idea of waste and try to minimise it where possible. Which is why I can eat the same thing over and over... this normally lasts until the packets empty till i move onto something else. Last night for my tea I eat a bag of radishes and 4 pieces of toast. For pudding I had a whole plummet of raspberries.
I love cooking, always have done, and I’d say I’m a good cook, provided I follow a recipe, and I do tend to, step for step and get very disappointed when it goes wrong for whatever reason.  Occasionally I do alter them [such as using raspberries instead of strawberries] but otherwise I measure things exactly and don’t deviate from the recipe at all...
I think it’s the chemistry aspect of it I like, being able to combine two things together to get another completely different thing.   But also I like being able to make and achieve something, because when it’s complete, it can give you a sense of pride and achievement that you have completed something,
Also I find it helps me with eating. I get some form of comfort knowing what when in it, the environment it was cooked in and how it was made, and where it came from. I find it much easier to eat when I know these things; after all I have a mini fear of food being dirty. 

What are your experiences with eating like? Do they/you olnly eat certain things or has a varied diet. Let me know!

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