Monday, 8 October 2012


I have always had a hard time with motivation and motivating myself to
do something. Well unless I want to do it that is.

my house is an absolute tip, and I mean tip, I just don’t have the
motivation to do any house work, I go through phrases where I will
spend the whole day cleaning but these are few and far between,
currently I am motivated to get my kitchen clean as I need work doing
to it, and need to get the dining room done. The latter hasn’t been
hovered since boxing day... well I don’t use it that often and things
are in the way.


Would explain it like there’s a switch in my brain, if I really want
to do something I will do it instantly and do a really good job of it,
but I have to want to do it and be interested in doing it. this may
sound flippant but sometimes I wish one of my obsessions was cleaning,
then at least I would get it done, although maybe then I would take it
to the other extreme.... anyway things like craft projects, cooking,
cross stitch, I can sit and do for hours and I need no motivation what
so ever to get them done.

It’s just when it comes to the mundane tasks in life that I feel short.
Logically I know they need to be done, it’s just getting round to
actually do them. Especially as they take away time and energy from
other more important things that also need doing...
Think part of the problem is that I can become distracted easily. I
can lose track of time and get absorbed by things, I can focus on
doing a cross stitch for hours and not realised I’ve done it.

To combat some of these issues I’ve began to set up my own little
rewards scheme with myself. Which is along the lines of if you hoover
the living room you can do 30mins on cross stitch. Or if you clean the
bathroom before doctor who begins you can watch it/ etc. however these
only ever work if I set them myself. I don’t do bribes, if you try; I’m
more likely to turn around and say I don’t want the bribe that to
actually do anything,

anyway what are your thoughts on motivation? Do you have the get up
and go? Are your Aspies good with house work? Let me know your views
and comments.



  1. Omgosh, This is so me. I dont have autism (I dont think anyways lol) but my kids do. I am sooooo...unmotivated to do housework. I felt like it was me writing this post. I totally hear u.

  2. thankyou for your comment.. and the email [just found it, that account gets a lot of junk so dont look at it oftern] jsx