Tuesday, 27 November 2012

help... i need somebody

Recently I admitted to myself that I need help. Now I don’t know exactly what sort of help I’m after. Not sure of what I want or what it’ll achieve, but help is something, that in this present day I fell I need. Desperately.  Over the past few months, several things have happened and slowly they have all added together and I have let them get on top of me.  By which I have constant mixed emotions and I don’t know where to turn, who to talk to and most of all how to get back onto the right path.

I haven’t had any official support in any form from medical perspective since I was 16, when I suddenly had to move from child to adult services and suddenly, the support group. The one to one lessons, the confidence building all came to a drastic halt. Was told they thought I was making progress and didn’t need as much and away I should go. Perhaps this was right? But perhaps, looking back it was wrong?.
I ended up struggling through six form and university without many friends and still with little social skills. Although the up rise and use of the internet has help enormously. Especially texting and emails however there are some things that I cant bring myself to do. And as a adult it is expected that I do them.

I am rubbish with money and finance, I have a great, I want therefore I’ll get attitude to money, luckily it has kinda worked out so far as I don’t seem to have expensive tastes, however I can see this getting tricky very quickly. For example I need to speak to the bank about rearranging a mortgage, however I cannot pick up the phone to do. I physically cannot ring them.  sounds little but once I needed to urgently go to the hospital and I couldn’t ring 999… and that’s more where the problem arises.

So anyway. I’m pretty much left wondering where to turn and feeling very alone and abandoned in the world. 
I need help…  I need somebody… help… just any body…


  1. Admitting that you need help is a great first step. I'm happy to chat but I get the feeling that you probably need help from someone in the same country as you.

    You might want to talk to someone at your local library or community services to see if there's local help available.

    Anyway, best of luck. I hope you can find the support you need.

  2. thankyou for the comment, i've been looking around for some support group in my area and it seems that all of them are aimed at either parents of children with the condition or children and none for adults with the conditions. i just seem to feel lonely atm to be honest.

  3. I hope u can find the help u are looking for. Sorry I dont know what to suggest as I dont know where u are from.

  4. Hi Jo im in kent and have the same prob, its very hard to find others in the same situation. There are support groups for parents and not much else ! I hope you found something and that you are through your bad patch:)

  5. thanks for your comment bree. i manage to find something via work [childrens mental health team is based in my hospital] so hopefully itll turn out what i need. but otherwise we have tons of support groups for parents and some play group for children but not a lot for autistic once you turn 18. JSx