Wednesday, 26 December 2012

1 year on

happy birthday

today, on  year ago I began blogging, it's weird how time has flown and I'm very grateful for all of you who have been with me though this little journey. over the year we have looked at a variety of issues from bullying  to depression, health care and Christmas and I thank those from the bottom of my heart who have stuck with me!

my very first post was about George Michael having been admitted to an intensive care while on tourAnd reflections on my role of a Picu nurse and all the children I look after, (I worked it out the other day and realised its  100 a year, give or take.) George ended up cancelling the last part of his tour this year and hopefully he got the help he needed, in the UK there is a charity called icu steps which is meant to be great support post an icu admission, I do think hospital s should do more for these patients as it is a very traumatic time, something which I sometimes have nightmares about!

I had planned to see him in concert this year however unfortunate my the little thing known as work got in the way, not to sure I could have afforded it anyway, fingers crossed for next year but for now his album and my imagination we have to be enough.

this year I also haven't Seen John barrowman in anything due to his concert being cancelled (still think it's was a very stupid place to build a stage ) and not going to panto for various reasons, so perhaps this is the beginning of the end of the JB interest, but who knows! currently obsessed with a game on my iphone called bridges! as already completed it once and restored it to do it all again! it's very relaxing.

anyway I'll stop speaking for know, thank you once again to all who have followed both here and on Twitter/Facebook! here's to another year !

happy birthday blog! 

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  1. Congrats on a year of blogging. I dont comment much but enjoy reading ur posts :)