Friday, 14 December 2012

A autistic letter to Santa.

Dear Santa.

This year for Christmas I would be quite happy without presents but
would like to feel accepted and loved for who I am, not what others
want me to be. I don’t want to be judges based on a title, as to me,
Asperger’s syndrome is a title, a label that’s been stuck on me that
does not define or change me, it’s a headline but it’s the content that

Throughout the year I have tried my best to be good, to stay on the
nice list. To stay and work within the rules, to work towards
achievements and accoumlish things for myself. To try and loose some of
the traits I process and am more aware of others and their
perspective. To learn to bite my tongue and not moan as much. And to
accept that people are mean and sometimes I can’t do anything to change
or prevent that.

I would also ask for the health of all the sick children in the world,
I know this isn’t really one for you but maybe you could bring them a
little happiness this Christmas, a simple smile on their faces and if
not, please support their families, even if it’s just something as small
as their being coffee left in the parents room or having enough money
for lunch, small little things make a massive difference especially up
here on Picu.

This year, I do not ask for physical presents. All I ask for is
acceptance and the ability to overcome some of my problems to
eventually be happy, to stop doubting myself and all that I do. To not
get caught up in stupid little things and realises that things aren’t
always as important as I like to think they are.



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  1. Ho... ho... Ho...

    Thank you so much for emailing me. I am currently in the workshop with the Elves, checking everything is running smoothly. So unfortunately, I cannot look at your message at the moment.

    However, I promise to have a good read of your letter soon while I enjoy a delicious mug of Mrs Claus' fluffy hot chocolate and oh maybe a cookie or two!

    I will send you a proper reply (in the format you have asked for) shortly.

    Jingle all the way...

    [this is the reply i got form the royal mail]