Thursday, 20 December 2012


Christmas cards.

The thing I hate most about Christmas is Christmas cards, why? Well because I don’t get any. Excluding my family and next door my total number of cards this year is one, and that is from my bank.  

And this really upset, not the fact that I don’t get any cards but its evidence of the lack of friends I have, and every year makes me realize how lonely I actually am, I have very few people in my live that I see outside of work and well it’s just a little very obvious at this time of the year. Especially in work as most pigeons holes [individual letter boxes] are currently full of card mine is very empty, to the extent that someone had asked me if I had been in on my annual leave to collect cards as it is empty… I lied and said yes but honestly I hadn't  This felt like a knife to my heart.  

So this year I’m fooling myself into thinking that emails have taken over and no one’s sending cards anymore. 

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