Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas is coming....

So Christmas is fast approaching. A time to be happy and jolly and
enjoy the holiday season.  However for those with autism this season
can be a very difficult time to get through. Don’t get me wrong, I love
Christmas and all that it stands for. It’s the change in things I don’t
like and can find it hard to cope with.

If you ever meet me in or around December you’ll find me watching
Christmas films, wrapping presents, drinking eggnog and all the
standard Christmassy things
however its all the changes that get me, the sudden change in house
decor, the sudden new noises, [who on earth thought it would be a good
idea to get a singing Santa in the bath??? I am really??] And all the
new smells and food,

but also not just that, it’s the sudden new expectations. The
expectation of what you will get, how your day will pan out. That all
your family will get along, the expectation which on the day, turn out
to be anything but.
I have a really hard time hiding my emotions, therefore if I’m
disappointed, it’s very evident on my face, however hard I try I can’t
help it. This has led to several family arguments over the years.

I always loved the concept of Santa, well after I got over a stranger
being in the house [stranger danger] and the idea that someone has
thought of me and made an effort just for me.  However I reckon I was
about 6 when I realised that he wasn’t necessarily him and maybe more
my parents. Realised by the fact I was with my parents in toys R us
when they bought my presents that year.  But to this day I enjoy the
concept of Santa and what he stands for.

I also always get on my mums nerves on the run up to Christmas, I love
going through all the light displays in shops, something always draws
me to them, the patterns and the colours, in a way it’s like a free
session in a sensory room. It’s just noise I can’t stand, especially
repetitive noise like one line of a song over and over and over.

On the run up to Christmas I’m going to post a blog about top tips for
coping at Christmas autism style.

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