Sunday, 4 August 2013

back from being AWOL

Hello everyone.

So as you’ve properly noticed I’ve been away for a while, not literally gone anywhere but have taken a little time out so to speak.
One of my last posts on this blog before I went AWOL was a post asking for help. A post which at the time was hard to write and that time is still a little hard to look back on, during which I found a local adult with Asperger’s support group which Is supported by the NHS, to which I self-referred myself to, and to which I was told in blunt terms that I ‘coped’ towel with life and therefore didn’t need any help as I have a job and maintain a house etc. etc. and they are there for people who have problems much worst with mine… [great!]  and then the lovely student nurse who was with them went on to take the mickey out of john barrowman, directly to me as well, and surely as she was working with the Asperger’s support team that taking mickey out of obsessions is not the best idea!  So I ended up being kicked off the books for not ringing to arrange a next meeting, this was despite me telling them I’m scared of making phone calls.. so in a way I also un self-referred.

I the mean time I began setting myself little goals in life, like plan out whole days in advance and make sure I  stick to them, I started eating at set time to ensure that I ate and setting alarms just to make sure I got out of bed, and like my new year’s resolution I set my self-little things I wanted to achieve or do within the year. #1 write a book.. Currently semi begun, #2, do something for other, achieved, #3 find a new hobby. – achieved.

This new hobby is running, not very good so far but I have my first sponsored run coming up soon for a charity my friend in involved with quite a bit [shes running it as well, [please check out her just giving page  to support us as I don’t have one, just add aspire to your personal message and she said I can count it towards my total], I’ve set myself a target of what’s to be raised and I am a little bit of it so far [its in September] I've also started to help a friend of mine make up ‘happy bags’ which she sells for the same cause as my run, these can be found on eBay I’ve made loads of them and all the other version’s so please help support if you can, otherwise I’ll be told off for the current excess stock issues!

Hopefully more posts and regular blogging will resume as per normal now things are a little bit back on track, I have lots of news to share with you all and updates on how Asperger's is having on my and what i've done to over come this. 

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  1. is the page to go with the happy bags i have helped with.