A-Z Of Autism

The autistic alphabet which associates each letter with something autistic related. written by A childrens nurse with Aspergers syndrome and a varitey of other diagnosis! a collection of blog posts exploring my experiences with the condition and also nursing with the condition
Please feel free to add comments and your own suggestions and talk about your own expeirences:-  
A = Autism Awesomness  + A = Analogy + A = Alcohol
[a breif into to the A - z] + [An analogy about autism bike verus boat]
+[relationship between aspergers syndrome and alcohol, my experiences]
B= Bulling
[The relationship between Asperger syndrome and Bully's / bullying]

C = Crafts
[The relationship between Asperger syndrome and crafting, how it helps.]

D = Depression + Disney
[The relationship between Asperger syndrome and Depression, why are aspie's prone to also be depressed.
Also a seperate article about 3 aspie's going to disney]

E = Empathy
[The relationship between Asperger syndrome and  empathy and the relation of this to nursing practice]

F = First date
[A recount of my very first date]

G = Gags
[The Use of Asperger or autism as the subject matter for comedy, is this right/ok to do?]

H = Herman

I = imagination

[The relationship between Asperger syndrome and imaginatiom, lack of or overactive?]

J =  jobs part 1 - jobs part 2
 [How Asperger syndrome affects nursing practice]


L = love
[The relationship between Asperger syndrome and love]


N = Nursing
[This link will take you to all the posts i've added the label of Nursing to. explores my experiences of how Aspergers syndrome may affect my nursing practise]

O = Obsession
[exploring the relationship between Aspergers and obsession, - john barrowman. what makes you obsessed?]

P = pets
[An anaolgy between Asperger syndrome and having pets [mainly gold fish]]

P = Personal Space
[Expeinces of personal space from an Asperger's /aspie's perpective! please dont touch!]

Q = Question
[Does a person suffer becuase they have Aspergers syndrome? blog post exploring this]

R = relationships
[The relationship's between people with Asperger syndrome, from a person with As perceptive]

S = sweets [food]
[The relationship between Asperger syndrome and eating/ repeative eating of same thing]

S= Stimming
[My experiences of stimming, why i do it and what it feels like - autism related]

U = Urban dictionary
[A response to a definition on Urban about Asperger syndrome]


W = Why
[Why do i blog and what do i hope to acheive by this?]

Z = zebra
[A blog post on questioning and rationisation of everything.]

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